submitted and published research

submitted articles

  1. The Political Legacies of Wartime Resistance: How Local Communities in Italy Keep Anti-fascist Sentiments Alive
    Cremaschi, Simone, and Masullo, Juan
    UNU-WIDER Working Paper 2023
  2. Disaster Relief Trumps Demand for Environmental Policy
    Cremaschi, Simone, and Stanig, Piero
    OSF Preprint 2023
  3. Geographies of Discontent: How Public Service Deprivation Increased Far-Right Support in Italy
    Cremaschi, Simone, Rettl, Paula, Cappelluti, Marco, and De Vries, Catherine
    OSF Preprint 2022

peer reviewed articles

  1. Immigrants and Legal Status: Do Personal Contacts Matter?
    Cremaschi, Simone, and Devillanova, Carlo
    Population, Space and Place, 2020
  2. Undocumented Immigration in Times of Recession [in Italian]
    Cremaschi, Simone, Devillanova, Carlo, Fasani, Francesco, and Frattini, Tommaso
    Economia & Lavoro, 2016

book chapters

  1. Do Non-State Armed Groups Influence Each Other in Attack Timing and Frequency? Generating, Analyzing, and Comparing Empirical Data and Simulation
    Cremaschi, Simone, Kirdemir, Baris, Masullo, Juan, Pah, Adam R., Payette, Nicolas, and Yarlagadda, Rithvik
    In Computational Conflict Research (eds. Deutschmann, Emanuel and Lorenz, Jan and Nardin, Luis G. and Natalini, Davide and Wilhelm, Adalbert F. X.), Springer 2020

book reviews

  1. Among Italy’s Outcasts. Review of Ciao Ousmane. The Hidden Exploitation of Italy’s Migrant Workers, by Hsiao-Hung Pai.
    Cremaschi, Simone
    The Political Quarterly, 2021
  2. Review of Karen Schönwälder, Söner Petermann, Jörg Hüttermann, Steven Vertovec, Miles Hewstone, Dietlind Stolle, Katharina Schmid, and Thomas Schmitt, “Diversity and Contact. Immigration and Social Integration in German Cities.”
    Cremaschi, Simone
    Sociologica, 2017