speaking up, with social research

a high school teaching program aimed empowering students through social research

Prendere la Parola, con la Ricerca Sociale [Speaking Up, with Social Research] is a high a school teaching program that I designed with Jacopo Lareno and Fondazione Roberto Franceschi. The program aims at empowering high school students by teaching them the logic of social research. We believe that learning the logic of social research can provide students from disadvantaged backgrounds with powerful tools to participate in their communities’ political life.

Teachers and students conducting an ``ethnographic walk'' in the Milanese suburbs, 2019.

In the year 2019-20, Jacopo Lareno , Valentina Rotondi, Giacomo Battiston, and me taught the first pilot of the project to two classes of Istituto Artemisia Gentileschi, a high-school in the West suburbs of Milano.

You can learn more (in Italian) about the project and the pilot by reading Fondazione Franceschi’s online report, this article by Jacopo Lareno and me, and this article written by the high school professors taking part in the pilot.