academic writing

Published academic work and work-in-progress.

immigrant marginalization, poverty, and informality

  1. book project
    Outcast Society: Segregation, Exploitation, and Immigrant Life in Italy
    Cremaschi, Simone
    Prospectus Available upon Request, 2022
  2. work in progress
    Brokered Exploitation: Immigrant Farmworkers Navigating Unregistered Labor Markets in Italy
    Cremaschi, Simone
    Draft Coming Soon, 2022
  3. submitted paper
    Self-built Segregation, Shelter Strategies, and the Immigrant Poor
    Cremaschi, Simone
    Draft Available upon Request, 2022
  4. book review
    Among Italy’s Outcasts. Review of Ciao Ousmane. The Hidden Exploitation of Italy’s Migrant Workers, by Hsiao-Hung Pai.
    Cremaschi, Simone
    The Political Quarterly, 2021
  5. published paper
    Immigrants and Legal Status: Do Personal Contacts Matter?
    Cremaschi, Simone, and Devillanova, Carlo
    Population, Space and Place, 2020
  6. published paper
    Undocumented Immigration in Times of Recession [in Italian]
    Cremaschi, Simone, Devillanova, Carlo, Fasani, Francesco, and Frattini, Tommaso
    Economia & Lavoro, 2016
  7. book review
    Review of Karen Schönwälder, Söner Petermann, Jörg Hüttermann, Steven Vertovec, Miles Hewstone, Dietlind Stolle, Katharina Schmid, and Thomas Schmitt, “Diversity and Contact. Immigration and Social Integration in German Cities.”
    Cremaschi, Simone
    Sociologica, 2017

politics of marginalization

  1. draft paper
    Geographies of Resentment: How Public Service Deprivation Increased Populist Radical Right Support in Italy
    Cremaschi, Simone, Rettl, Paula, De Vries, Catherine, and Cappelluti, Marco
    Draft Available upon Request, 2022
  2. draft paper
    An Anti-Feminist Backlash? Female Labour Market Participation and Gender Conservatism in Europe
    Rettl, Paula, Cremaschi, Simone, and De Vries, Catherine
    Draft Available upon Request, 2022
  3. draft paper
    The Green Shades of the Storm: Exposure to Extreme Weather Increases Voting for Environmentally Unfriendly Incumbents
    Cremaschi, Simone, and Stanig, Piero
    Draft Available upon Request, 2022
  4. work in progress
    “Resistance Then and Always:” Civil War Legacies, Associational Spaces and Grassroots Mobilization against the Far-Right in Italy
    Cremaschi, Simone, and Masullo, Juan
    Draft Coming Soon, 2022